Yard Waste Guidelines

Yard waste is collected every week beginning in April and ending late Fall. Residences EAST of Main St will be collected on Wednesdays and residences WEST of Main St will be collected on Thursdays. There will be a charge for large pick-ups because they require a special pick up. Residents may take their yard waste to the designated area southwest of the drive-through recycling building on North Euclid Ave.


  • Smaller brush and yard waste can be placed into biodegradable yard waste paper bags and or cans with a yard waste emblem. Bags and cans are not to exceed 50lbs.
  • Branches are to be neatly placed curbside parallel to the street.
  • Unorganized or tangled piles will not be collected and the resident will be asked to re-stack the pile.
  • Only branches from trees and bushes (up to eight inches in diameter at the cut end) will be eligible for pick-up.
  • Items larger than eight inches in diameter, material such as construction woods, branches with nails or spikes, wooden fence pieces/doors, Rose Bushes, Poison Ivy, and small hedge/evergreen trimmings cannot be mulched and must be disposed of by the resident through other means.
  • Brush pick-up at any one residence will be limited to approximately a 5'X5'X5' area.  Pick-ups larger than this can be arranged for a $50.00 fee. Large piles must be bundled using garden string or twine, no metal or plastic ties and must not exceed 50lbs. If a second truck is needed there will be an additional $25.00 fee. All fees and arrangements are made and paid at City Hall.
  • Contractor brush will not be collected.
  • All fees will be exempt after major storm events. 

Contractors & Lawn Services Brush Pit Dumping

The city brush pit is open by request for contractors who purchase a yearly permit.  Landscape waste permits are $2000.00 and Grass clipping only permits are $500.00. All permits are active June 1st through May 31st and can be purchased at City Hall 2 S Main St.

Brush Pit Dumping Sign-up Form