Boards and Commissions

If you are interested in serving on a Board or Committee for the City of Princeton, please complete the Committee Interest Form below. The City Manager will contact you if she needs any additional information. 
Committee Interest Form

Board of Police/Fire Commissioners

Member                            Term

Terry Himes                       08/01/2019
Lou Brown                         08/01/2017
Mike English                     08/01/2018

Police Pension Board

Member                             Term

Barry Portman                    04/30/2017
Terry Charbonneau             04/30/2018
Gary Swanson                    04/30/-
Erik Sorenson                     04/30/-

Fire Pension Board

Member                             Term   
Chuck Woolley                   04/30/2017
Ryan Molln                         04/30/2017
Luke Davis                          04/30/2018
Mike Goers                         04/30/2018
Brian Berlin                        04/30/2019

Library Board

Member                             Term

Jan English                         06/30/2019
Andrew Russell                  06/30/2019
Jennifer Alter, Treas.          06/30/2017
Mike Bettasso                     06/30/2017
Ami Chamberlain, Secr.     06/30/2017
Roger Gustafson                 06/30/2018
Carolyn Schaefer, V-P        06/30/2018
Paul Ernst, Pres.                 06/30/2018

Hospital Board

Member                              Term

Tom Tester                            04/30/2017
Rick Clary                            04/30/2017
Deb Madsen                         04/30/2019
Gary Bruce, Secr.                 04/30/2019
Tony Sorcic, Chairman        04/30/2020
Linda Gustafson, V-Ch        04/30/2021
Dennis Thompson                04/30/2021

Planning Commission and Zoning


of Appeals

Member                              Term

Tom Hall                              04/30/2017
Rodney Lange                     04/30/2017
Michael Wendt                    04/30/2018
Ian Cardosi                          04/30/2018
Bill Cass                              04/30/2019
James Scruggs                     04/30/2019

Industrial Development Commission and
Revolving Loan Committee

Member                              Term

Darren Schafer                     06/30/2016
Mike Smith                          06/30/2017
Jeff Hunt                             06/30/2017
Bill Smith                            06/30/2017
Tim Smith                           06/30/2017
Kim Frey                             06/30/2018
Tracey Makransky                 06/30/2018
Tim Taylor                           06/30/2018
Jeff Martin                           06/30/2018
Mike English                        06/30/2018
Tracy Grimmer        6/30/2019