1. EMS Fees & Billing

    Learn where to submit billing and fee questions.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is very important to the Princeton Electric Department. Many financial incentives are offered to residential and industrial customers to improve the energy efficiency of their building.

  3. Organizational Chart (PDF)

    View the organizational chart of the city.

  4. Outdoor Weather Warnings

    The available points provide information to common questions often asked in regards to outdoor weather warning systems.

  5. Utility Rates

    The City of Princeton provides a comprehensive utility rate structure that can accommodate a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial service needs.

  6. Video Inspection

    Inspection by closed circuit television is the most effective method of determining the nature and extent of internal problems in the city's collection system. Not only can reports be generated with the inspection, but a permanent visual record can be made for subsequent review.