Public Works & Utilities

  1. Electric Department

    Gather information about the Electric Department and the services they provide.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is very important to the Princeton Electric Department. Many financial incentives are offered to residential and industrial customers to improve the energy efficiency of their building.

  3. Street

    The Princeton Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, city owned parks, storm and sanitary sewer, and roadway signage within the City of Princeton.

  4. Utility Rates

    The City of Princeton provides a comprehensive utility rate structure that can accommodate a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial service needs.

  5. Waste Water

    Our mission at the Princeton Waste Water Treatment Plant is to protect public health and enhance the environment by treating and reclaiming water, and recycling solids.

  6. Water

    The Princeton Public Water Supply includes quality and quantity plus treatment and distribution.