Public Safety

  1. Apparatus

    Learn about the different equipment the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department utilizes.

  2. D.A.R.E.

    This year millions of school children around the world will benefit from Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), the highly acclaimed program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence.

  3. EMS Fees & Billing

    Learn where to submit billing and fee questions.

  4. Fire & EMS

    The Princeton Fire Department provides firefighting, rescue, emergency medical services, and public education to the residents and visitors of Princeton and surrounding rural districts.

  5. Fire Chaplaincy

    Gather information about the Fire Chaplain and what they do for the community.

  6. Police Canine Program

    Learn about the Police Canine Program.

  7. Police Explorers

    The mission of this program is to better educate young adults and adults of the duties and responsibilities of the Princeton Police Department, through classroom training and practical application with officers of the department.

  8. Public Education

    The Public Education Division of Princeton Fire Department is committed to educating our residents with information regarding fire and life safety, in an effort to reduce the incidents and severity of fire or medical related accidents.

  9. School Resource Officer Program

    The School Resource Officer Program started in the 2000 - 2001 school year through a C.O.P.S. grant. The officer is primarily assigned to Logan Junior High School and Princeton High School.