Video Inspection

Inspection by closed circuit television is the most effective method of determining the nature and extent of internal problems in the city's collection system. Not only can reports be generated with the inspection, but a permanent visual record can be made for subsequent review.
Remote Camera Rover
Television inspection can also be used for isolating residential and commercial businesses that create grease problems in the main sewer lines. Once these are identified they can be billed for the additional time (other than routine maintenance) required cleaning the main lines. 

Television Van Control Room
In addition, television inspection of the entire system provides an inventory of all system conditions that is used to prioritize rehabilitation options.
Television Truck Work Area
The City of Princeton Waste Water Facility is responsible for operating and maintaining the city sewer collection systems, lift stations, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Waste Water Collection
Waste Water Collection provides for the collection and treatment of the communities waste water. Any interruption of this service could result in a public health hazard and increased costs associated with regulatory fines and claims for damages.

Maintenance goals are generally based on cost effectively keeping the system operational. Cost-effective maintenance programs are those that stress preventative maintenance and initiate action before problems occur.