Princeton Fire Department & EMS

The Princeton Fire Department is comprised of those resources needed for firefighting, vehicle rescue, extrication, and emergency medical services.

Fire Department staff consists of
  • 12 Full Time personnel staffing 48 hours on / 96 hours off rotations
  • 1 Full Time Chief
  • Part time staff - Provides additional staffing during evenings and weekends.
  • Volunteer Staff - Provides additional staffing on a demand basis
Fire Suppression
Fire suppression and emergency medical services are performed by all firefighters and supported by mutual aid as requested. Firefighters combat an array of fires including structural, vehicle, and agricultural.

Emergency Medical Services
Emergency medical service comprises approximately 86% of all emergency requests. Emergency medical technicians are intensely trained to handle various medical and trauma emergencies.
Princeton Fire Department offers advanced field treatments and technologically advanced tools to gain access to early and definitive treatment.

Vehicle Rescue & Extrication
Vehicle rescue and extrication is performed by all personnel trained in the use of specialty rescue tools such as the hydraulic spreaders, cutters and rams, air-powered lifting bags, and bracing systems. Vehicle extrication equipment is carried on the first-response Engine Company and call-back Squad Company.