In 2003 the Electric Department enter the telecommunication business forming a partnership with Connecting Point / IVNet of Peru. The department has installed over 12 miles of fiber optic cable and provides high speed Internet to Industrial and Commercial customers over the fiber.

They have also deployed Broadband Over the Power Line (BPL) to smaller commercial and residential customers, making them one of the first municipalities to use this technology in the country.

Along with fiber-optic and BPL digital communication, Princeton is providing free wireless internet access at hotspots throughout the city. Powered by Fiber-optic and Broadband-over-Powerline (BPL) internet connections, internet connections are reliable and fast.

All you need to access internet at any of our hotspots is a notebook computer with a wireless network (WIFI) card. Many new notebook computers come with a WIFI card, but they can also be purchased at local computer retail stores.

Wireless internet is currently available at the following locations:
  • Princeton Amtrak Depot
  • Darius Miller Park