City Hall

Serving Princeton since 1849, the City Clerk's Office, located in City Hall, serves the needs of not only the community, but also other city personnel, the City Council, and city's vendors. All accounting functions are handled in the City Clerk's Office including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and utility billing.

Princeton's City Hall is the center of the city's administrative services. Residents and businesses will find the City Hall staff a "one-stop" information source - able to conveniently coordinate and facilitate all the details of arranging for water, sewer, and electrical service, as well as providing information on the various services provided by the City of Princeton.

In addition, all official records of the City Council are housed in the City Clerk's Office.

Mission Statement
The mission of the city Clerk's Office is to provide accurate, consistent service and support to our customers, city personnel, and vendors in the most prompt, professional, and friendly manner possible.